Friday, November 25, 2011


Daughter, Niece, Sister, Aunt, Nana- heck, I'll even answer to 'Mom'.
I consider myself to have many titles but none more important than those listed above. 
Today Alayah Kay turned 4; amidst the birthday cake, inflatables and gift wrap, I took a good look at the beautiful family God has blessed me with.
My Grandmother is the sweetest woman I know and my Grandpa is a hard working man. My Mother has six sisters; all of whom are married with atleast 3 children and live within a 2 mile radius of each other. I am the oldest of 26 grandchildren. When I say my family is close, I mean close. 
I see aunts, uncles, cousins- on the daily.
My family can put an Italian family to shame. We're loud, chaotic, crazy and we love each other with every part of our being.
Traditional is an understatement. Our values and morals are very strong and family oriented. The idea of- The man is the provider, the woman is the homemaker and only to be barefoot and pregnant- is still the mindset of most of my family. Right or wrong, its the way I was raised. 

As I get older, I find myself holding close the traditions instilled in me as a little girl. 
To my family, I'm a bit of an experiment. The first 'Grandchild' to graduate, date & move away from home. 
I've set some lofty goals for myself in the future but, I believe above anything else, I was meant (someday in the far future!) to most definitely be a Mom.
To anyone else, being a senior in high school and thinking about anything other than college partys... is odd. But, not to my family. 
My Grandmother blatantly expresses to me the exact necessities needed to be a good wife and mother. 
She, along with my Mom and Aunts, are simply doing as they and generations before them have done.
To tell the honest truth, I don't mind a bit.
As expected, one day I just know I'll have a large family of my own and implement the same ideas my mother did  me.
I've heard my friends remark about how sometimes, I'm very "Momly"- and its true, I can't help it.
Maybe I'm a freak, or just strong instinct- when I hear a baby cry, its nothing of panic and I guarantee I can solve the problem. 
I'm also probably the only 16 year old to ask my doctor about the possible infertility rates and statistics of an HPV prevention shot at my last check up- you should have seen the look on his face.
No matter where I end up- right here beside my six aunts and uncles, or four states away- will never take away who I am and how I was raised. 
I believe family is Gods biggest gift.

  This is only one third of us!
                Never a babyless year in my family!
                                 Sometimes I just know.

                                  Quite an odd thing when your baby cousin becomes taller than you...

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