Monday, December 26, 2011

Come away with me and I'll never stop loving you.

You didn't know my name in High School. 
Three years ago if someone would have told me, that kid right there- he's in your future, I would have blown it off with a grain of salt. 
With a first glance, we're barely alike, really.
You love football, and I couldn't tell you the first thing about it. 
Then again, I'm willing to bet you won't ever understand why I choose to wake up Saturday mornings to talk.
The start of 'us' was unplanned and unconventional. 
As everything with beauty goes, we grew into something phenomenal. 
I know this is real because I'm not afraid to be exactly who I am with you.
I know this is real because our story isn't golden plated. 
I know this is real because even when things seem bad, they really aren't that bad because you're still right beside me.
I know this is real because you don't hold me to my past mistakes.
I know this is real because you are my biggest motivation.
I know this is real because you give me a high that is unmatched. 
I know this is real because every ounce of my being hosts my genuine faith in you.
My drive stems from the need to fulfill your happiness.
For the first time, I've grasped the concept to truly value someone else happiness over your own. 
Nothing in the world gives me more satisfaction then to see you smile.
Maybe we're just young- and according to some, we couldn't possibly conceive the notion of 'true love'.
But, I guess my question would be, what does your vision consist of then?
Two people who share common goals.
Two people infatuated with each other.
Two people making sacrifices for each other.
Two people with exceptional dedication.
Two people sanding side by side.
Well, this is it. 
I love you, Daniel.

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